JTD Projects

Tim Day
Fredonia, WI

I am scientist and an artist. My science background tells me to experiment.
I cannot understand how a creative person, an artist, is bound to a single style, form, or type of art.
I strive to infuse my life and travel into my artwork. Images may include anywhere from Nebraska's dirt roads to Kyoto's Shinto shrines.
My subjects may also be culled from current or past media/photos.
I try to filter influences from past art studies into my own.
Having an open mind to the use of new materials and methods in order to produce a new vision is important ( thus the use of my science background).
Remaining technically sound and producing in a professional manner is a must.
Compound the above with my passion for art and the final goal is to make creative works that will be worth looking at now and in the future.
Tim Day