JTD Projects

Tim Day
Fredonia, WI

I am scientist and an artist.

As a scientist, I was trained as a careful observer, to consistently keep an open mind and to be comfortable with experimentation. It's a key reason why I cannot be bound to a single style, form, or type of art.

I have been passionate about art most of my life. That, along with art studies, and extensive travel, has led me to create images from a variety of subjects. My art reflects everything from moments of daily life and photos of family and friends, to Nebraska dirt roads and Kyoto Shinto Shrines. Some drawings illustrate the precision of what I see; while other pieces utilize methods and materials that produce a new vision of the well known.

I'm committed to remaining technically sound and producing in a manner that is professional. My goal is to use my dual focus to create compelling works of permanence.

Tim Day